SCCC Singles tournament 26th April 2019

Division 1 results Division 2 Division 3
1st Chris Coull
2nd Roger Sutton
3rd Ian Cobbold
4th Liz farrow
5th Michael Bye
6th Alan Cottle
7th Morgan Case
8th Chrissie Merrington
9th Daphne Gaitley
10th Ivan Segal 11th Avril Machiavelli
12th Keith Webb

1st Fiona Philips
2nd Steve Chapman
3rd Andrew Stewart
4th Clive Grimley
5th David King
6th Frances Low
7th Susan Nicholas
8th Lilian Holdsworth

David King won the prize for the most wins 5 (excluding the winner)

1st Linda Gavigan
2nd Diane Langridge
3rd John Knight
4th Pat Harden
5th Mike Akester
6th Julia Soffe
7th Chris Ardley
8th Les Ardley
9th Freda Knight
10th Pat Mechen
11th Joyce Parkin
12th Sue Caulfield