Winter Tournaments Results - 04/03/2019 09:58

Doubles Tournament February 22nd 2019 Singles Tournament 1st March 2019

Our Winter Doubles tournament had 16 teams – 32 people playing in two divisions. The divisions were total joint handicaps of 10 and below (Division 1) and 10 and above (Division 2). We were very lucky with the weather with warm sunshine all day -great for February.

The results were as follows

Division 1

1st Tony Jolly and Fiona Phillips 6 wins out of 6 joint handicap total 7
2nd Liz Farrow and Richard Carline 4 wins joint handicap total 0
3rd Ian and Jean Cobbold 4 wins joint handicap total 5
Joint 4th Richard Brooks and David King 3 wins joint handicap total 4
Andrew Stewart and Stella Russell 3 wins joint handicap total 8
Chrissie Merrington and Clive Grimley 3 wins joint handicap total 4
7th Chris Heath and Bruce Carr 1 win joint handicap total 7
8th Sue and Tony Nicolas 0 win jint handicap total 9

Division 2 Doubles

1st Diana and Sue 5 wins
2nd Lilian & Cathy 4 wins
=3rd Pat Mecham & Sue Caulfied 3 wins
=3rd Rosemary and Pat harden 3 wins
=3rd Reg & Julie 3 wins
=3rd Freda and John 3 wins
7th Linda and Joyce 2 wins

8th Jane and Bridget 1 win

Singles Tournament 1st March Results

The Tournament was very close with the winner declared as Ian; however, having re-checked the scores there was a tie for first place between Ian and Robin both had 5 wins and + 12 hoops

Division 1

1st Ian Cobbold 1st 5 wins out of 6 + 12 hoops & Robin Wootton + 5 Wins out of 6 +12 Hoops

3rd Jonathan Isaacs 5 wins out of 6 + 7 Hoops

There were then 4 players with 4 wins Keith Webb, Andrew Wilson, Liz farrow, and Tudor Jenkins

Division 2

1st Sue Nicolas
2nd Bruce Carr

3rd Jeff Rushby
4th Clive Grimley
5th Reg Soffe
6th David King

Division 3

1st   Linda Gavigan 5 wins
2nd  Susan Caulfield  4 wins Hoops + 6

3rd   Nigel Barton 4 wins  Hoops + 3
4th    Les Ardley 4 wins Hoops +2
5th    Chris Ardley 3 wins
5th   Joint Julie Soffe 3 wins

7th     Diana Langridge 2 wins
8th    Rosemary Faulkner 2 wins

9th    Pat Mechem 1 win
10th    Joyce Parkin 1 win

Roger Sutton