18 players competed today in cold but dry conditions.  The competition was organised in Swiss format and 6 rounds were played. This ensured that there were 3 players with 5 wins each.  Of course, A beat B beat C beat A applied so the Manager had to exercise his few remaining braincells to determine a winner of the bottle of wine.

After an analysis of opponents Janet Hoptroff was declared the winner, having apparently beaten the best combination of opponents.  Unfortunately the Manager rushed his calculations and made a mistake, discovered when writing this up: in fact, correct figures put Janet and Liz tied, but as Janet beat Liz she was correctly declared the winner of the bottle! Position of remaining ties determined by quality of opponents.

Photo to follow.

Summary of results
1. Janet Hoptroff 5 wins (beat Liz Farrow, Daphne Gaitley, Christopher Heath, Jane Humphreys & David King)

2. Liz Farrow 5 wins (beat David Gaitley, Clive Grimley, Tony Jolly, Jonathan Isaacs & Frances Low)

3. Jonathan Isaacs 5 wins (beat Frances Low, Roger Sutton, Jane Humphreys, Lanet Hoptroff & David Gaitley)

4. Christopher Heath 4 wins (beat Neil Humphreys, Roger Sutton, Janer Humphreys, & Keith Webb)

5. Roger Sutton 3 wins (beat Des Taylor, Tony Jolly & Daphne Gaitley)

6. Keith Webb 3 wins (beat Daphne Gaitley, Bruce Carr & Roger Sutton)

7. Tony Jolly 3 wins (beat Keith Webb, Linda Gavigan & Clive Grimley)

8. David King 3 wins (beat Lynne Lyle, Keith Webb & Christopher Heath)

9. Daphne Gaitley 3 wins (beat Des Taylor, Linda Gavigan & Tony Jolly)

10. Clive Grimley 3 wins (beat Bruce Carr, Lynne Lyle & Tony Jolly)

11. Des Taylor 3 wins (beat Lynne Lyle, Bruce Carr & Linda Gavigan)

12. David Gaitley 3 wins in 5 games (beat Bruce Carr, Clive Grimley & Tony Jolly)

13. Frances Low 3 wins in 5 games (beat Lynne Lyle, David King & Neil Humphreys)

14. Bruce Carr 2 wins (beat Linda Gavigan & Lynne Lyle)

15. Neil Humphreys 2 wins in 5 games (beat Des Taylor & Clive Grimley)

16. Jane Humphreys 2 wins in 5 games (beat Linda Gavigan & David King)

17. Linda Gavigan 1 win (beat Lynne Lyle)

18. Lynne Lyle 0 wins