Wins by Neil Humphreys and Graham Tucker in the two classes

Our Winter GC tournament took place on Sunday, although there had been 28 entries
after late withdrawals 24 players took part. I was able to divide the players into two
Blocks of 12, under 5 handicaps and 6 – 12 handicaps.

There were 17 SCCC members, several were playing their first tournament, and 7 from other clubs a particular note should be made of Charles and Ellie Martin had made the trek from Ramsgate.
The tournament took place in dull weather with drizzle at times we were thankful however that it was fairly mild.
The Blue block 6 – 12 handicap was won by Neil Humphreys who had 5 wins out of 6 he pipped Bob Clark on a who beat who basis, Bob also had 5 wins. Third place went to Deborah Marcus with 4 wins.
The red block under 5 handicaps had been joined by Graham Tucker the highest ranked 6 handicap to even the numbers. It was won by Luc Berthouze who had 5 out of 6 wins. The runner up on a rather complicated formula (see below) was Roger Sutton with Richard Brooks in third place and Chrissie Merrington in 4th place, all had 4 wins.
We thank Deborah Marcus for lunch of soup and rolls, Robin and his team for preparing the lawns.
Last but not least I thank my wife Jenny for helping me record the scores.

These are Luc’s calculations of how the Red group placings were achieved.

There were 4 people tied on 4 wins (Sutton, Brooks, Wootton, Merrington)
First criterion is who beats whom.

Sutton beats Brooks
Sutton beats Wootton
Sutton did not play Merrington

Merrington played Brooks and Wootton and lost to both. Therefore on who beat whom we have: Sutton > Brooks / Wootton > Merrington

Then, we only need to resolve tie between Brooks and Wootton.
Brooks and Wootton did not play each other.
Brooks has higher hoop number (16 against 12).
Thanks Luc

Roger Sutton