Annual Tournament Results - 17/08/2015 21:19

Two pleasant days of association croquet enjoyed at Southwick by a small band of 10 players!  The tournament should have been 3 classes but it was reduced to a single Swiss format event for the B class trophy (Scott Cup)

Five rounds were played which resulted in three players, David Boyd, Philip Windred and John Taylor,  ending on four wins each, two not having played each other.

The Manager would have liked to have declared all three winners (and said so) but having only one cup and having already indicated that quality of wins would be used, awarded the cup to John Taylor. 

Everyone won at least one game and all went home (I hope) contented!


(David Boyd, John Taylor & Philip Windred - photo Liz Farrow)

Full results

09:30 JohnM Taylor +9 Brian Havill
Philip Windred +23 David Gaitley
David Mumford +9 Phil Dunk
Liz Farrow +10 Daphne Gaitley
David Boyd +5 Bill Arliss
13:00 JohnM Taylor +5 Philip Windred
Phil Dunk +14 Liz Farrow
Bill Arliss Brian Havill
David Gaitley David Mumford
Daphne Gaitley +10 David Boyd
16:00 JohnM Taylor +15 Liz Farrow
Philip Windred +13 Phil Dunk
Bill Arliss +21 David Mumford
Brian Havill +11 David Boyd
David Gaitley +6 Daphne Gaitley
09:00 JohnM Taylor +23 David Mumford
Liz Farrow +2 Philip Windred
David Boyd +3 Phil Dunk
Bill Arliss +15 Daphne Gaitley
Brian Havill +6 David Gaitley
13:00 JohnM Taylor +6 David Boyd
Philip Windred +13 David Mumford
Liz Farrow +6 Bill Arliss
Phil Dunk +8 David Gaitley
Daphne Gaitley +10 Brian Havill