Dear SCCC member
We are working hard with our contractor to improve the lawns and surrounds, There have been a couple of incidents recently which have hindered the contractor's efforts.
Our agreement with the contractor is that they should accept instructions from only the Head of Grounds, Robin Wootton, or the Chairman. Recently on one occasion members asked the contractor to stop painting the white lines on a lawn on which they were playing and on another occasion to stop cutting the grass around the lawn. All members should appreciate that the contractor has to carry out the cutting and white-lining tasks at times they have scheduled and we ask all members to be understanding in this even if a match or competition is being played.
At times when a lawn or lawns are taken out of use for maintenance, the centre peg and, usually, hoop 1 will be removed and, whenever practical, the blackboard updated to show the lawns out of use. In one case recently a hoop was taken from another lawn and put in the hoop 1 slot so that the out-of-use lawn could be used..Please will all members respect the indications that a lawn is out of use.
Alan Theobald has updated the competitions section of the web-site with progress in the internal competitions if you are interested or might need to arrange your next match.
GC Inter-counties and lawn availability + THEME DINNER
On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September we are hosting the GC Inter-counties Tournament and all lawns will be in use those two days.
Places are still available for the French Theme Dinner on 14 Sept (7pm for 7.30: 3 super courses for only £12) - sign up at the club or by email to Chrissy.