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I'm grateful to Luc Berthouze for the following information from the first day's play.



Luc reports:  "French and Wicks top two seeds are in semi-final. But their are

waiting for their respective opponents to complete their games tomorrow morning. Quarters and semis are Bo3 and final is meant to be Bo5 but I think unless both semis finish rapidly they will be lucky to have Bo3 for final."


Finally, Cliff decides he will play his games with Luc's mallet!



Unfortunately the quarter-final stages over-ran so remaining stages had to be shortened. Semi-finals were  Martin French v Mark Fawcett and Jamie Mussi v Jack Wicks,  Wicks and French will play the final at a later date.

Later update from Martin French: Jack and I played the Bo3 final today at Colchester.  Jack won.  It was a good match:

Game 1: +4 TPO to Jack.  Jack pegged out both balls at the end of his TPO, leaving Martin on 4 and Jack’s other ball on 3b.  Martin shot well and got within one hoop of Jack before he made 4b, and then soon finished.

Game 2: +13 TP to Martin.  Jack picked up a triple well but got hampered after 3.  Martin went round but had a poor leave.  After a bit of interchange, Martin got started by rolling off 1 then rolling off 2 from Second Corner, and completed the triple.

Game 3: +21 to Jack.  Jack had a 3rd turn ball round to 4b.  Martin started a 4th turn TPO, but got hampered by the peelee at 6 and couldn’t hit the pioneer.  Jack finished with a double peel, 5th turn.

Jack has the SCCC tumbler, Martin the wine, and presumably Mark still has the Salver!