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Solomon Cup

AC Solomon Cup 2018

The Solomon Cup was won by Dominic Nunns.

First Round Second Round Semi Final Final Winner

John Daniels Dominic Nunns Dominic Nunns Dominic Nunns

Dominic Nunns Dominic Nunns
Liz Farrow

Chris Crowcroft Phil Dunk

Phil Dunk

Phil Dunk

Chris Coull

Manuel Alvarez-Sala

Manuel Alvarez-Sala Paul Castell Paul Castell

Nick Harris

Paul Castell

Omied Hallam

Omied Hallam Neil Coote

Chris O'Byrne

Neil Coote

Omied Hallam won the Consolation event.

The Sussex Tumbler

The tumbler event was won by David Houston.

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Wins Place
1 David Houston W W W W W 5 1
2 David Gillett 0 6
3 Paul Wolff W W 2 =3
4 David Marcus W W W 3 2
5 Jeff Rushby W W 2 =3
6 John M Taylor W W 2 =3

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