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Sussex County Croquet Club

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Golf Croquet Level Play Competition 10th March 2013

The event was won by Tudor Jenkins.


  Mark Richard  Robin  Tudor  Stella Jonathan  Clive  Liz  Janet  Margaret  David  Keith  Luc  Jon  Wins Position
Mark Hamilton   L   L   W     W W     W L 4 4
Richard Brooks W     W   W L W     W   L   5 2
Robin Wootton           L L   W W W   W L 4 4
Tudor Jenkins W L     W W W W         W   6 1
Stella Russell       L   L W       W W L L 3 9
Jonathan Isaacs L L W L W           W L     3 9
Clive Hayton   W W L L     W   W   W     5 2
Liz Farrow   L   L     L   W W W W     4 4
Janet Hoptroff L   L         L   W W W   L 3 9
Margaret Pointing L   L       L L L   L     W 1 13
David Carter   L L   L L   L L W         1 13
Keith Webb         L W L L L       L W 2 12
Luc Berthouze L W L L W             W   W 4 4
Jon Palin W   W   W       W L   L L   4 4



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