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The weather was happily better than forecast and almost matched the warmth of the welcome given to  the 10 players in the Solomon Cup and the 8 for the B class Sussex Tumblers by the SCCC at Southwick.

John Daniels defeated the 2nd seed  Alan Cottle by only  3 on his way to the BO3 Final on the Sunday where he really found his form. A single error in the first game went unpunished by Nick Harris and John took that +26. The second game was not quite so clinical but still resulted in a +17 win for John and the Cup.

Alan Cottle won the Consolation Event  with 4 Wins from 5

The B Class Sussex Tumblers was competed for by 8 players with Handicaps ranging from 4 to 8 in what was supposed to be a 5 round Swiss format.  Using the well known  tactic of  losing  in the first round resulted in David Cook H7 winning his remaining 4 games whilst Paul Wolff H5 won his first 4 and lost the last to Avril Rangioni Machiavelli H6. On the basis that  David had beaten Avril whilst Paul had lost to her,  the Tumbler (only one) was awarded to David Cook and Paul Wolff was declared the runner - up. 

(If anyone has any photos from this event, do send us one - email webmaster.)


Below are the matches played the the Advanced Weekend Tournament 29th & 30th September.

The Solomon Cup Sussex CCC

Paul Castel    beat    Paul Watson    +6
John Daniels    beat    Neil Coote    +16
Nick Harris    beat    David Mumford    +6
Gary Bennett    beat     Mary Knapp    +2
Alan Cottle    beat    Luc Berthouze    +11
John Daniels    beat     Paul Castel    +20
Nick Harris    beat     Gary Bennett    +25
Alan Cottle    beat    Paul Watson    +15
Luc Berthouze    beat     Mary Knapp    +6
Neil Coote    beat    David Mumford    +16
Paul Castel    beat     Gary Bennett    +16
John Daniels    beat    Alan Cottle    +3
Nick Harris    beat    Paul Watson    +17
David Mumford    beat     Mary Knapp    +17
Luc Berthouze    beat    Neil Coote    +15
Nick Harris    beat     Paul Castel    +24
Gary Bennett    beat    Paul Watson    +24
John Daniels    beat     Nick Harris    +26
John Daniels    beat     Nick Harris    +17
Paul Watson    beat    Neil Coote    +5
Alan Cottle    beat     Gary Bennett    +19
David Mumford    beat    Luc Berthouze    +6
Mary Knapp    beat     Paul Castel    +4
Alan Cottle    beat     Mary Knapp    +1
Luc Berthouze    beat     Gary Bennett    +25
Paul Castel    beat    Neil Coote    +20
Paul Watson    beat    David Mumford    20
Paul Castel    beat    Luc Berthouze    +20 tp

Sussex Tumblers

Richard Jackson    beat    David Cook    +25
Jeff Rushby    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +4
Paul Wolf     beat    Pat Jackson    +1t
John Bee    beat    Ray Hall    +12t
David Cook    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +18
Jeff Rushby    beat    Richard Jackson    +6
Paul Wolf     beat    John Bee    +5t
Ray Hall    beat    Pat Jackson    +3t
Richard Jackson    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +7
Paul Wolf     beat    Ray Hall    +7t
John Bee    beat    Pat Jackson    +24
David Cook    beat    Jeff Rushby    10
David Cook    beat    John Bee    +11
Richard Jackson    beat    Ray Hall    +23
Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    beat    Pat Jackson    +13
Paul Wolf     beat    Jeff Rushby    +10t
David Cook    beat    Ray Hall    +17
John Bee    beat    Richard Jackson    9
Jeff Rushby    beat    Pat Jackson    +14
Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    beat    Paul Wolff    +4t