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Lawrence Whittaker beat Daphne Gaitley to take the Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl for the Southern B Level Championship at Southwick this weekend.

The Swiss consolation event was won by Jonathan Isaacs.

Full details below.


The Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl

Consolation Event
1 Janet Overell beat Simon Tuke +19
2 Mark Hamilton beat John Low +14
3 Gene Mears beat Avril Rangoni Machiavelli +24
4 John Taylor beat Lawrence Whittaker +13
5 Daphne Gaitley beat Doug Sinclair +6
6 Collin Southern beat Michael Kay +5T
7 John Gosney beat Stephen Harbron +19
8 Andy Myers beat David Gaitley +7T
9 Stephen Harbron beat Simon Tuke +1
10 Collin Southern beat Gene Mears +19
11 Doug Sinclair beat David Gaitley +12
12 Andy Myers beat Michael Kay +9
13 Jonathan Isaacs beat Collin Southern +5
14 Andy Myers beat Mark Hamilton +18
15 Gene Mears beat Simon Tuke +19
16 David Cook beat Doug Sinclair +1T
17 Avril Rangoni Machiavelli beat Janet Overell +2T
18 John Gosney beat John Bateson +20
19 Stephen Harbron beat David Gaitley +14
20 Jonathan Isaacs beat John Gosney +21
21 Gene Mears beat Andy Myers +6
22 Collin Southern beat Stephen Harbron +16
23 Janet Overell beat David Cook +3
24 Doug Sinclair beat John Bateson +21
25 David Gaitley beat Simon Tuke +10T