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Sussex County Croquet Club

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Sussex County Weekend Advanced Tournament 8th/9th April 2017

Knockout and Hands Egyptian consolation event


James Hopgood beat Philip Windred +26tp

Luc Berthouze beat Mary Knapp +21

Robert Alexander beat Tudor Jenkins +25

Jeff Dawson beat Peter Thompson +26

Phil Cordingly beat Phil Dunk +14

Nigel Polhill beat Daphne Gaitley +15

Neil Coote beat Liz Farrow +8

Mark Avery beat John Wells +26tp

Annabel McDiarmid beat Roger Tedsone+20

Philip Eardley beat David Cook +11

Mark Fawcett beat David Gaitley +24

Jeffrey Rushby beat Dave Gunn +1t

James Hopgood beat Luc Berthouze +17qp

Phil Cordingly beat Nigel Polhill +26

Philip Eardley beat Annabel McDiarmid +14

Mark Avery beat Neil Coote +26tp

Jeff Dawson beat Robert Alexander +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Jeffrey Rushby +26

Mark Avery beat Phil Cordingly +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Philip Eardley +25

Semi Finals best of 3

Mark Avery beat James Hopgood +26tp, +26p

Jeff Dawson beat Mark Fawcett +18tp,-17,+25tp


Mark Avery beat Jeff Dawson +17tp, +26tp

(Mark Avery had a 100% record of tps over the weekend)

Consolation Hands Egyptian

Philip Windred beat John Wells +13

Jeff Dawson beat James Hopgood +25tp

Peter Thompson beat David Gaitley +14

Tudor Jenkins beat Mary Knapp +2

Roger Tedstone beat Phil Dunk +12

Liz Farrow beat David Cook +6

Philip Windred beat Daphne Gaitley +4

Dave Gunn beat John Wells +1t

Jeff Dawson beat Neil Coote +18

Robert Alexander beat Jeffrey Rushby +11

Luc Berthouze beat Peter Thompson +15

Nigel Polhill beat David Gaitley +19tp

James Hopgood beat Annabel McDiarmid +26tp

Mary Knapp beat Phil Dunk +22

Tudor Jenkins beat Liz Farrow +3

Roger Tedstone beat David Cook +11

Phil Cordingley beat Philip Windred +15

Annabel McDiarmid beat Dave Gunn +16

Luc Berthouze beat Nigel Polhill +3

Philip Eardley beat John Wells +9

Philip Windred beat Mary Knapp +7

Liz Farrow beat Roger Tedstone +14

Phil Dunk beat David Cook +2t

Tudor Jenkins beat Nigel Polhill +1t

Annabel McDiarmid beat Luc Berthouze+26tp

Dave Gunn beat Daphne Gaitley +7t

Neil Coote beat Peter Thompson +8

David Gaitley beat Jeffrey Rushby +6t

Robert Alexander beat Phil Cordingley +17

Luc Berthouze beat Philip Eardley +11

Annabel McDiarmid beat John Wells +26

James Hopgood beat Robert Alexander +17tp

Mark Fawcett beat Annabel McDiarmid +13

Phil Dunk beat John Wells +16

Philip Windred beat Peter Thompson +14

Mary Knapp beat Neil Coote +2

Roger Tedstone beat Dave Gunn +14

Nigel Polhill beat Jeffrey Rushby +17

David Cook beat Tudor Jenkins +11

Robert Alexander beat Liz Farrow +17

James Hopgood beat Philip Eardley +23TP

Phil Cordingley beat Luc Berthouze +9

James Hopgood beat Dave Gunn +26tp

Winner of consolation event Philip Windred

No handicap changes notified

Chris Constable, Manager.


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