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The event was won by Jose Riva who beat Jack Wicks in the final  +1,-26tp,+9tp

Full results below.


(Jose Riva pegging out photo by Ray Hall)


(Runner up Wicks and Winner Riva. Photo Ray Hall)

Full results

Main competition ( seeded knockout)

Jamie Burch beat Daphne Gaitley +14
Mark Fawcett beat Sarah Melvin +24
Luc Berthouze beat Cliff Jones +12
Mark Avery beat Tudor Jenkins +21
Jose Riva beat Graham Pegley +17
David Cook beat David Mumford +1(t)
Gabrielle Higgins beat Peter Thompson +26tp
Neil Coote beat David Gaitley +7(t)
Jack Wicks beat Philip Dunk +25
Robert Alexander beat Chris O'Byrne +16
Jaimie Mussi beat Liz Farrow +22
Philip Eardley beat Mary Knapp +23
Jamie Burch beat Mark Fawcett +25
Jack Wicks beat Robert Alexander +13tpo
Jaimie Mussi beat Philip Eardley +4
Jose Riva beat David Cook +24
Gabrielle Higgins beat Neil Coote +26
Mark Avery beat Luc Berthouze +24tp
Jose Riva beat Gabrielle Higgins +26tp
Jack Wicks beat Jaimie Mussi +26tp


Jack Wicks beat Mark Avery +13tpo,-5tp,+23
Jose Riva beat Jamie Burch +7otp,-23tp,+26tp


Jose Riva beat Jack Wicks +1,-26tp,+9tp

Consolation event ( Hands Egyptian)

Peter Thompson beat Philip Dunk +10
Tudor Jenkins beat Sarah Melvin +19
Mary Knapp beat Chris O'Byrne +23
Liz Farrow beat Graham Pegley +4(t)
Daphne Gaitley beat mark Fawcett +3(t)
David Gaitley beat David Mumford +4(t)
Jamie Burch beat Robert Alexander +17
Chris O'Byrne beat Cliff Jones +4
Mary Knapp beat Tudor Jenkins +17
Sarah Melvin beat Phil Dunk +5
David Cook beat Neil Coote +11(t)
Luc Berthouze beat Peter Thompson +22
Mark Avery beat Philip Eardley +15tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Robert Alexander +11
Luc Berthouze beat Tudor Jenkins +3(t)
Peter Thompson beat Liz Farrow +3(t)
Mark Fawcett beat Graham Pegley +25
Philip Eardley beat Sarah Melvin +17
Luc Berthouze beat David Cook +14
Peter Thompson beat Daphne Gaitley +15
Liz Farrow beat Neil Coote +11(t)
Cliff Jones beat Mary Knapp +7
Chris O'Byrne beat Phil Dunk +5
Mark Fawcett beat David Gaitley +25
David Mumford beat Graham Pegley +3(t)
Tudor Jenkins beat Robert Alexander +13
Gabrielle Higgins beat Phil Eardley +23tp
Sarah Melvin beat David Gaitley +7(t)
Mark Avery beat Mark Fawcett +17tp
Jamie Burch beat Luc Berthouze +25sxp
Mark Fawcett beat David Cook +25
Mary Knapp beat Daphne Gaitley +5(t)
Mark Avery beat Gabrielle Higgins +7tp
TudorJjenkins beat Peter Thompson +6
Philip Eardley beat Cliff Jones +26tp
Liz Farrow beat Chris O'Byrne +2
David Mumford beat Phil Dunk +13
Luc Berthouze beat Graham Pegley +17
Jamie Burch beat Neil Coote +26
Tudor Jenkins beat Graham pegley +8
Jamie Burch beat Neil Coote +20tp

Liz Farrow won the consolation event, runner up Chris O'Byrne