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Level Play Section
This was played as an American block of 8 players (All play all). Maggie Webb is to be congratulated on winning all her matches.

Name Nos wins Pts Position
Keith Webb West Worthing 5 42 2
Robin Wootton SCCC 5 40 3
Janet Hoptroff SCCC 1 34 7
Jim Lawford Compton 3 39 5
Liz Farrow SCCC 4 46 4
Maggie Webb West Worthing 7 49 1
David King SCCC 2 39 6
Don Rutherford High Wycombe 1 30 8
Handicap Section:
This section was played as 2 blocks of 6 with play offs to determine the final placings
1 Geoffrey Duckworth High Wycombe  
2 Roger Sutton   SCCC  
3 Pat Lawford   Compton  
4 Fiona Phillips   SCCC  
5 Margaret Walkley High Wycombe  
6 Brian Shipman   Chichester & Fishbourne
7 Graham Tucker   SCCC  
8 Colin Lyle   Chichester & Fishbourne
9 Maureen Hook   Compton  
10 Alan Hook   Compton  
11 Val Mitchell   Compton  
12 Peter Raper   Chichester & Fishbourne


This format of tournament was well received by all and based on the feedback received from the players will be run next year.
All photos courtesy of Robin Wootton