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Sussex County Croquet Club

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Winter Use of Lawns - 14/11/2016 @ 09:24

Dear all

I set out below guidance on use of lawns over the winter, including priorities for lawn use and other aspects of winter play:

Perhaps more than in previous years, lawns will be in short supply this winter. We normally keep lawns 10 and 11 in use throughout the winter and rotate usage of the other lawns with lawns 1, 2 and 3 normally rested, as they are the lowest lying and shaded by the trees on the railway embankment and so never really dry out in the middle of winter. With lawns 7, 8, 10 and 11 out of action until May because of this year’s  renovation, there will be only 4 lawns available for most of the winter.

There are three designated club sessions a week – Monday and Thursday afternoon GC and Wednesday morning AC, where priority is given to GC or AC respectively and given the shortage of lawns, this will have to be applied strictly this winter.

Tournaments and pre-arranged Academy coaching also have priority.

Other club-approved sessions take place during the week at pre-arranged times. During these sessions and at all other times lawns should be shared by club members and consideration given to any member wishing to play / practice outside any session going on at the time.

Other winter aspects

Use of secondaries
Secondary balls should be used during the winter in preference to primaries to even out wear and tear on the sets of balls. This will also help members to become familiar with using the secondaries.

Jump shots
As the ground is softer, jumping is not permitted.

Starting corner for GC
Please will all players remember to start GC social games over a yard away from the usual starting corner (corner IV as AC players know it) to avoid wear and tear in the corner.

Thank you for your consideration.
Clive Hayton
Sussex County Croquet Club

Finals Weekend - 05/10/2016 @ 09:13

SCCC Finals Weekend

Saturday 1st October

10 am




Winner and score



Richard Brooks v Luc Berthouze

Luc Berthouze


Daldy Cup

Chris Coull v Clive Grimley

Clive Grimley


GC Handicap Doubles

Les & Christine Ardley v Sandra Towner & Des Taylor

Les & Christine Ardley


Luc Berthouze (left) with the Quaiche. Dominic Nunns (right) with the Moore Cup and Millenium Shield (photo Mike Kavanagh)





Winner and score


Millennium Shield

Luc Berthouze v Dominic Nunns

Dominic Nunns


AC New Challenge Cup

Chris Coull v John Gosney

Chris Coull


GC Handicap Singles Final

Linda Gavigan v Richard Nye

Richard Nye


GC Improvers Competition

Deborah Marcus v Richard Nye

Deborah Marcus


Deborah and David Marcus with cups (photo: Ray Hall)

Sunday 2nd October





Winner and score


Moore Cup

Dominic Nunns v Luc Berthouze

Dominic Nunns


D’Esterre Bowl

Clive Hayton v Clive Grimley

Clive Hayton


Shine Salvers

John Taylor & Ian Cobbold v David Marcus & Deborah Marcus

David & Deborah Marcus





Winner and score


Sussex Gold Cup

John Taylor v Deborah Marcus

John Taylor


President’s Cup

Chris Heath v Ian Cobbold

Ian Cobbold


Fryer Cup

David Marcus v David Gillett

David Marcus

To be played after Finals weekend:

Freddy Reynold one-ball

Diana Brothers drawn pairs

Already decided by block play:

Bush Cup – winner Fred Bell

Hazell Parker Salver– winner Robin Wootton

Franc Cup - winner Pam Gooders

To be decided

Rookie of the year

Most Improved AC player

Most improved GC player

If anyone has more photos from the Finals weekend, contact webmaster and he will put them on the website

A Golf Croquet Day - 05/10/2016 @ 08:44


For players of all abilities

Winter season competition

Friday 21st October

10am Start

Level Play 13 point games.

Members £8 Non members £10

Whites not required

Manager Roger Sutton

Please e mail your entry to Roger Sutton

Autumn AC Advanced Tournament - 05/10/2016 @ 07:38

Brief results of the AC Advanced Tournament held over the weekend of 23 - 24 September 2016 are:

The Solomon Cup was won by Richard M Smith, pictured here on left, with Clive Hayton SCCC Chairman, centre,  and Nick Harris, Manager, right.



Richard M Smith beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Paul Watson
Luc Berthouze beat Tudor Jenkins
Matt Holmes beat Liz Farrow

Richard M Smith beat Nick Harris
Matt Holmes beat Luc Berthouze

Richard M Smith beat Matt Holmes 3-0

Plate event

Tudor Jenkins beat Liz Farrow
Paul Watson beat Bill Arliss
Luc Berthouze beat Nick Harris
Bill Arliss beat Liz Farrow
Tudor Jenkins beat Paul Watson
Luc Berthouze beat Paul Watson
Tudor Jenkins beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Liz Farrow
Luc Berthouze beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Tudor Jenkins
Paul Watson beat Liz Farrow


The Sussex Tumbler was won by Alan Clark, pictured left.



Alan Clark beat David Cook
Simon Tuke beat Jeff Rushby
Phil Dunk beat Chris O'Byrne
John M Taylor beat Chris Coull

Chris Coull beat David Cook
John M Taylor beat Chris O'Byrne
Alan Clark beat Jeff Rushby
Phil Dunk beat Simon Tuke

Alan Clark beat Chris Coull
Phil Dunk beat David Cook
Chris O'Byrne beat Simon Tuke
John M Taylor beat Jeff Rushby

David Cook beat Simon Tuke
Alan Clark beat Chris O'Byrne
Chris Coull beat Jeff Rushby
John M Taylor beat Phil Dunk

David Cook beat Chris O'Byrne
Phil Dunk beat Jeff Rushby
Chris Coull beat Simon Tuke
Alan Clark beat John M Taylor

Two tournaments for October - 03/10/2016 @ 09:11
Here are two one-day tournaments for you to enter:
GC level-play on Friday 21 October (managed by Roger Sutton). 
Entries to Roger direct (not through website)
AC ASD on Sunday 23 October (managed by Luc).
Entries to Luc direct or through website.

Enter with or without partner.
Payment (£8 for members, £10 otherwise) on the day.
Start of play: 09:30am.
Format: 5 rounds of 14-point games (handicap)
Whites not needed.

Winter Arrangements - 03/10/2016 @ 08:51

Winter Working Party

The winter working party will commence on Tuesday 4 October meeting in the canteen at 9.30.

Under the guidance of Peter Pullin, the working party does essential maintenance and repair work to keep the club's premises and grounds in good shape and saves a small fortune on external contractors.

All members are very welcome to come along. The working party continues every Tuesday morning through the winter, but don't worry if you can only make the occasional session, we will be very glad to see you whenever you can come. No special skills are required, just a willingness to roll up your sleeves and pitch in!

Winter Play Arrangements

Starting from week commencing 3 October, GC club afternoons will be on Mondays and Thursdays. AC on Wednesday mornings. No play on Tuesday mornings.

Information on lawn availability will be posted on the web-site.


Hamilton Cup Result - 12/09/2016 @ 07:18

The SCCC Open Golf Hamilton Cup was won by Paul Gunn.

Playing off 2 he beat Colin Britt (0) in the final.

Full results:

1     David Bell     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-4
2     Ian Shore     Leslie Heard     7-6
3     Roger Goldring     Paul Gunn     7-5
4     Michael O'Brian     Elizabeth Farrow     7-3
5     Peter Balchin     Nicholas Cheyne     7-5
6     Richard Brooks     Colin Britt     7-4
7     Bill Arliss     Keith Webb     7-4
8     Robin Wootton     Ray Mounfield     7-5
9     Nicholas Cheyne     Ray Mounfield     7-5
10     Peter Balchin     Richard Brooks     7-5
11     Colin Britt     Bill Arliss     7-5
12     Robin Wootton     Keith Webb     7-4
13     David Bell     Michael O'Brian     7-2
14     Ian Shore     Roger Goldring     7-3
15     Elizabeth Farrow     Paul Gunn     7-3
16     Leslie Heard     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
17     David Bell     Ian Shore     5-5
18     Elizabeth Farrow     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
19     Michael O'Brian     Roger Goldring     7-6
20     Leslie Heard     Paul Gunn     7-3
21     Nicholas Cheyne     Colin Britt     7-5
22     Peter Balchin     Robin Wootton     7-6
23     Bill Arliss     Ray Mounfield     7-6
24     Richard Brooks     Keith Webb     7-6
25     Nicholas Cheyne     Keith Webb     7-4
26     Colin Britt     Robin Wootton     7-3
27     Bill Arliss     Peter Balchin     7-6
28     Richard Brooks     Ray Mounfield     7-4
29     Paul Gunn     David Bell     7-6
30     Elizabeth Farrow     Ian Shore     7-5
31     Stephen Custance-Baker     Roger Goldring     7-1
32     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-5
33     David Bell     Leslie Heard     7-4
34     Elizabeth Farrow     Roger Goldring     7-4
35     Ian Shore     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
36     Paul Gunn     Michael O'Brian     7-5
37     Nicholas Cheyne     Richard Brooks     7-4
38     Bill Arliss     Robin Wootton     7-5
39     Colin Britt     Peter Balchin     7-4
40     Ray Mounfield     Keith Webb     7-6
41     Robin Wootton     Nicholas Cheyne     7-6
42     Richard Brooks     Bill Arliss     7-6
43     Ray Mounfield     Peter Balchin     7-4
44     Colin Britt     Keith Webb     7-6
45     Elizabeth Farrow     David Bell     7-5
46     Leslie Heard     Roger Goldring     7-4
47     Stephen Custance-Baker     Michael O'Brian     7-3
48     Paul Gunn     Ian Shore     7-3
49     Roger Goldring     David Bell     7-4
50     Paul Gunn     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-4
51     Leslie Heard     Elizabeth Farrow     7-4
52     Michael O'Brian     Ian Shore     7-6
53     Nicholas Cheyne     Bill Arliss     7-3
54     Peter Balchin     Keith Webb     7-2
55     Richard Brooks     Robin Wootton     7-2
56     Ray Mounfield     Colin Britt     7-3
57     Colin Britt     Elizabeth Farrow     7-4
58     Elizabeth Farrow     Colin Britt     7-3
59     Colin Britt     Elizabeth Farrow     7-2
60     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-4
61     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-4
62     Bill Arliss     Richard Brooks     7-4
63     Richard Brooks     Bill Arliss     7-3
64     Bill Arliss     Richard Brooks     6-5
65     Nicholas Cheyne     Paul Gunn     7-3
66     Paul Gunn     Nicholas Cheyne     7-5
67     Paul Gunn     Nicholas Cheyne     6-4
68     Elizabeth Farrow     Leslie Heard     7-5
69     Nicholas Cheyne     Richard Brooks     7-3
70     Colin Britt     Michael O'Brian     7-2
71     Colin Britt     Michael O'Brian     7-4
72     Paul Gunn     Bill Arliss     7-3
73     Paul Gunn     Bill Arliss     7-3
74     Richard Brooks     Leslie Heard     7-3
75     Nicholas Cheyne     Elizabeth Farrow     7-3
76     Paul Gunn     Colin Britt     7-4
77     Paul Gunn     Colin Britt     7-5

End of Season Dinner - 31/08/2016 @ 14:07


SCCC End of Season Dinner

Saturday 8th October 6.30pm for 7pm


Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Terrine (a)


Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup (b)


Beef Carbonnade (c)


Moroccan Baked Stuffed Aubergines (v)

Potato & Parsnip Mash

Apple infused Red Cabbage

Petit Pois & Buttered Carrots


A selection of Home made desserts


To book email or sign up on the club noticeboard, indicating your choice of Starter and main course.

Mussell Shells! - 13/08/2016 @ 20:47

There must be a very good crop of mussels this year as the seagulls are bringing lots of them on to our lawns. If you do pick up any, please will you put them in the bins in the huts or the clubhouse. Moving the shells to the side of the lawns might cause the shells to be broken up by the rotary mower and unfortunately the broken pieces might find their way back on to the lawns and this can damage the cylinder mowers.



Website problem - 08/08/2016 @ 09:59

A malicious user caused some issues on the website yesterday. Actions have been taken to prevent re-occurence.



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