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From the Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club website:


30th June - Richard Brooks wins the Montevideo Cup

The Montevideo Cup is the name of the trophy for our one day Golf Croquet tournament, genrously donated by the 2011 winner Jonathan Lamb, who happens to live there! Luckily the weather was also kind to us, with no showers after play started and the sun countering the blustery wind. In addition Jonathan had persuaded another Uruguayan resident to play in his first GC tournament, so making up a full complement of 12 players.

Richard returned after his second place in our earlier GC tournament and turned out the winner this time, beating Jonathan 7-5 in the final game, having lost to him in the 6-round Swiss qualifier. In fact Richard was the clear winner, since Jonathan has lost to Keith Webb earlier.

Full results are:

Player Handicap Club Wins
Richard Brooks 1 Sussex County 6
Jonathan Lamb 1 Uruguay 5
Jon Diamond 1 TW 4
Keith Webb 2 West Worthing 4
John Skates 9 TW 4
John Hobbs 2 TW 3
Maggie Webb 3 West Worthing 3
Gavin Taylor 5 Merton 3
Ian Stanton 6 Uruguay 3
Derek Heath 8 TW 3
Stephen Harbron 4 Merton 2
Louise Taylor 7 Merton 2




Played as two american blocks of 6 with a final between the winners of the blocks and a play-off for 3rd and 4th places
Level advanced play throughout
Mark Hamilton bt Richard Jackson  +6
Jon Palin bt David Cook +7
Jonathan Isaacs bt Jeffrey Rushby +20
Neil Coote bt John Gosney +6
Lawrence Whittaker bt John Taylor +6
Luc Berthouze bt Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +8
Jon Palin bt Mark Hamilton +15
Jonathan Isaacs bt Richard Jackson +2
David Cook bt Jeffrey Rushby +7
John Gosney bt Lawrence Whittaker +16
Luc Berthouze bt Neil Coote +10
John Taylor bt Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +17
Jonathan Isaacs bt Mark Hamilton +13
Jon Palin bt Jeffrey Rushby +14
Richard Jackson bt David Cook +18
Luc Berthouze bt John Gosney +24
Lawrence Whittaker bt Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +21
Neil Coote bt John Taylor +15
Mark Hamilton bt Jeffrey Rushby +8
Jonathan Isaacs bt David Cook +5
Jon Palin bt Richard Jackson +20
John Gosney bt Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +16
Luc Berthouze bt John Taylor +14
Lawrence Whittaker bt Neil Coote  +15
Mark Hamilton bt David Cook +4
Richard Jackson bt Jeffrey Rushby +5
Jon Palin bt Jonathan Isaacs +16
John Taylor bt John Gosney +7
Neil Coote bt Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +3
Luc Berthouze bt Lawrence Whittaker +17
Jon Palin (5/5 blockA  wins) bt Luc Berthouze(4/5 blockB wins) +22
3rd place play off
Jonathan Isaacs (4/5 block A wins) bt Lawrence Whittaker (3/5 block B  wins) +2
No triple peels or better

Team Events - 27/04/2012 @ 21:17


The Club has entered the following team events, all being played at Southwick.
SECF Team Doubles  26th and 27th May
SECF Ladies' Day  4th July
SCCC 14 pt Team Doubles 24,25, and 26th August.
We have entered TWO teams for each event.
Up to yesterday no-one had put their name on the list offering to play (one signed up yesterday - thank you Sharon)
Anyone of any handicap can be considered for a team. You need not play every day of multi-day events.
PLEASE put your name on the list if you can play.
Thank you
Chris Constable

The tournament was won by Robert Fulford who beat Stephen Mulliner in the final.  Losing semi-finalists were Rutger Beijderwellen and Jamie Burch.

Richard Jackson beat Lionel Tibble in the plate.  Well done, Richard!

There is a fuller report here.

Pictures courtesy of David Gaitley




Charity One Ball Sussex Heat - 03/04/2012 @ 22:37


Picture courtesy of Liz Farrow

The SCCC Charity One Ball heat was won by Robin Wooton with 10/11 wins from runner-up Luc Berthouze with 9/11 wins.

There are photos here.  

10/10 competition results - 02/04/2012 @ 20:40

The winners of the 10/10 golf croquet competition on 25th March were  Mark Hamilton and Sharon Theobald with 5 wins out of 6.

Runners up Stella Russell and Alan Theobald with 4.5 wins out of 6.
If anyone has a photo email it to the webmaster and he will post it here.

Barbara Solomon - 31/03/2012 @ 10:30


I am writing to let you know that Barbara Solomon passed  away last Monday, aged 90, in Worthing Hospital.
She had not enjoyed good health for some time. A lot of us remember her hospitality ( with John) in the past, and her superb  musical talent.
She didn't play much croquet, usually in doubles with John. One very rare occasion when she won a singles match prompted a celebratory bottle!
We will miss her.
Our thoughts are with John at this sad time.

The day started a bit chill but the afternoon sun warmed us all.


The event was won by Liz Farrow who won all her games.  Five players tied for second place.


Full details in due course.


Sorry, Liz, I messed up the photo!

Duplicate Bridge and Quiz - 04/03/2012 @ 21:30


Dear All
Unfortunately we have to postpone the Duplicate Bridge on the 18th March due to lack of support. This may be partly due to the date, which is Mothering Sunday.
I know that a lot of you play bridge but you do not come to this event. Please let me know if you would be more likely to come if it was Chicago format, or any other observations that you may have.
Regarding the Quiz, next Friday 9th. We still have space for a few more tables. You don't need to have a full team, and family and friends are welcome. Please let me know by Wednesday if you intend to come and have not given your names so far.
Chris Constable


It was a close competition and could have gone any way right up to the bell. Any of the top 4 could have won depending on the outcome of all the other matches.

In the end Gabrielle & Rick squeaked home 10-9 in a nailbiting battle against Alan Rew & Alan Theobald.


Photo courtesy of Pat or Richard Jackson























Full Results:


  Pat Jackson & Rita Shipp Alan Rew & Alan Theobald Frances Low & Liz Farrow Gabrielle Higgins & Rick Weinstein Jeff Rushby & Keith Slatter David Cook & Luc Berthouze Shaila Clabburn & Steve Lewendon Daphne Gaitley & Sharon Theobald Richard Jackson & Wendy Spencer-Smith John Gosney & Mark Hamilton Wins Hoops Position
Pat Jackson & Rita Shipp   5 5W   1     4W     2 15 5
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald 8W     9     10W 7D     2.49 35 4
Frances Low & Liz Farrow 4     4     14W     9 1 31 8
Gabrielle Higgins & Rick Weinstein   10W 6W     11W   14 W     4 41 1
Jeff Rushby & Keith Slatter 14W         10     10D 14 W 2.49 48 3
David Cook & Luc Berthouze       6 14 W       14 W 14W 3 48 2
Shaila Clabburn & Steve Lewendon   9 0         2 8D   0.49 19 10
Daphne Gaitley & Sharon Theobald 3 7D   4     8W       1.49 22 7
Richard Jackson & Wendy Spencer-Smith         10D 5 8D     14 W 1.98 37 6
John Gosney & Mark Hamilton     14W   1 0     0   1 15 9




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