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Sussex County Croquet Club

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Winter Membership - 06/09/2013 @ 21:07

If your club doesn't open in the off-season winter months, here is some good news for you:  Sussex County Croquet will give you winter membership for just £50.


Contact the Membership Secretary for details and arrangements.


Winter Tournament Programme 2013/14


Come and join us for some exciting one day tournaments over the winter season. Whatever your ability you’ll get a warm welcome and some friendly competitive action. Our programme for the coming winter season is as follows:



13th October Golf Croquet Handicap Singles

27th October Association Croquet Alternate Stroke Doubles

10th November 10/10 Golf Croquet



23rd February GC Handicap Doubles

2nd March GC Handicap and level play Singles

9th March Association Croquet Alternate Stroke Doubles

16th March 10/10 Golf Croquet

23rd March Association Croquet 14pt one day challenge


 All tournaments will start at 9.30am. Dress is casual to suit the weather conditions. Tea and Coffee, Soup & Rolls will be available, we would however ask that if you require further food that you bring your own to help give our loyal team of caterers a well earned rest.

To apply go to: and follow the links to how to enter under the Winter tournament programme heading, email or phone the Tournament Administrator. If possible please use the on line entry system on the website.


Book early as most of last year’s tournaments were oversubscribed.


Here is the results table for the tournament 23-25 August 2013:


Items from the Club Secretary - 22/08/2013 @ 10:47
Dear SCCC member
We are working hard with our contractor to improve the lawns and surrounds, There have been a couple of incidents recently which have hindered the contractor's efforts.
Our agreement with the contractor is that they should accept instructions from only the Head of Grounds, Robin Wootton, or the Chairman. Recently on one occasion members asked the contractor to stop painting the white lines on a lawn on which they were playing and on another occasion to stop cutting the grass around the lawn. All members should appreciate that the contractor has to carry out the cutting and white-lining tasks at times they have scheduled and we ask all members to be understanding in this even if a match or competition is being played.
At times when a lawn or lawns are taken out of use for maintenance, the centre peg and, usually, hoop 1 will be removed and, whenever practical, the blackboard updated to show the lawns out of use. In one case recently a hoop was taken from another lawn and put in the hoop 1 slot so that the out-of-use lawn could be used..Please will all members respect the indications that a lawn is out of use.
Alan Theobald has updated the competitions section of the web-site with progress in the internal competitions if you are interested or might need to arrange your next match.
GC Inter-counties and lawn availability + THEME DINNER
On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September we are hosting the GC Inter-counties Tournament and all lawns will be in use those two days.
Places are still available for the French Theme Dinner on 14 Sept (7pm for 7.30: 3 super courses for only £12) - sign up at the club or by email to Chrissy.

GC One Day Challenge Results - 19/08/2013 @ 20:12
Level Play Section
This was played as an American block of 8 players (All play all). Maggie Webb is to be congratulated on winning all her matches.

Name Nos wins Pts Position
Keith Webb West Worthing 5 42 2
Robin Wootton SCCC 5 40 3
Janet Hoptroff SCCC 1 34 7
Jim Lawford Compton 3 39 5
Liz Farrow SCCC 4 46 4
Maggie Webb West Worthing 7 49 1
David King SCCC 2 39 6
Don Rutherford High Wycombe 1 30 8
Handicap Section:
This section was played as 2 blocks of 6 with play offs to determine the final placings
1 Geoffrey Duckworth High Wycombe  
2 Roger Sutton   SCCC  
3 Pat Lawford   Compton  
4 Fiona Phillips   SCCC  
5 Margaret Walkley High Wycombe  
6 Brian Shipman   Chichester & Fishbourne
7 Graham Tucker   SCCC  
8 Colin Lyle   Chichester & Fishbourne
9 Maureen Hook   Compton  
10 Alan Hook   Compton  
11 Val Mitchell   Compton  
12 Peter Raper   Chichester & Fishbourne


This format of tournament was well received by all and based on the feedback received from the players will be run next year.
All photos courtesy of Robin Wootton

GC level play match - 09/08/2013 @ 22:37

Sussex win at Ramsgate

Sussex County had a good away win at Ramsgate on Friday 9th August. The team of Robin Wootton, Jonathan Isaacs, Janet Hoptroff & acting captain Richard Brooks managed to gain a 4-3 victory. Well done team!

Special thanks to Jonathan for driving the 220 mile round trip.

French Themed Dinner - 08/08/2013 @ 10:24


SCCC French Evening

Saturday 14th September 2013

7pm for 7.30pm






Soupe à l’oignon


Pate de Mackerel Fumé





Pork Normandie

Macédoine de legumes


Tarte aux tomates





Desserts français assortis




Sign up in club or email Chrissy on

Trophy Awards by Tournament Manager Bill Arliss: Tonbridge Wells - Doubles Winners; Sussex County 1 - Singles Winners: Janet Hoptroff (Captain), Jonathan Isaacs, Fiona Philips and Chris Rolph 





(Photos courtesy of Robin Wootton)

SECF ALERT - 06/08/2013 @ 10:01

The SECF one ball teams event scheduled for this coming Sunday has been cancelled.

Annual Tournament Results - 31/07/2013 @ 22:18

Two events made up the Annual Tournament this year, there being insufficient entries to run all three classes.

The Abbey Challenge Cup (A Class play) was won by Mark Fawcett (4/5 wins), beating Roger Wood (3/5 wins) into 2nd place. Play comprised one american block:

  Bill Arliss Mark Fawcett Mark Hamilton Simon Hayward-Tapp Jonathan Isaacs Roger Wood WINS Place
Bill Arliss   -23 -15 -10 +22 +15 2 5
Mark Fawcett +23   +7 -26 +21 +13 4 1
Mark Hamilton +15 -7   +17   -18 2 4
Simon Hayward-Tapp +10 +26tp -17   5 -13 3 3
Jonathan Isaacs -22 -21   -5   -3 0 6
Roger Wood -15 -13 +18 +13 +3   3 2


The B/C class event, played for the Daldy Cup comprised two 4-player mini-blocks with knockout play-off.  The event was won by Rall Hall.



B/C Class Competition Block 1            
  Liz Farrow John (M) Taylor Ray Hall John Low WINS Place
Liz Farrow   +1 -7 +15 2 2
John (M) Taylor -1   -8 +16 1 3
Ray Hall +7 +8   +20 3 1
John Low -20 -16 -15   0 4


B/C Class Competition Block 2            
  David Cook Steve Lewendon Phil Dunk Sara Anderson WINS Place
David Cook   +24 +17 +23 3 1
Steve Lewendon -24   -1 -16 0 4
Phil Dunk -17 +1   +1 2 2
Sara Anderson -23 +16 -1   1 3


B/C Class Playoff      
Ray Hall      
  Ray Hall +20    
Phil Dunk      
    Ray Hall +20  
David Cook      
  Liz Farrow +1    
Liz Farrow      



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