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Autumn AC Advanced Tournament - by John_Low 05/10/2016 @ 07:38

Brief results of the AC Advanced Tournament held over the weekend of 23 - 24 September 2016 are:

The Solomon Cup was won by Richard M Smith, pictured here on left, with Clive Hayton SCCC Chairman, centre,  and Nick Harris, Manager, right.



Richard M Smith beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Paul Watson
Luc Berthouze beat Tudor Jenkins
Matt Holmes beat Liz Farrow

Richard M Smith beat Nick Harris
Matt Holmes beat Luc Berthouze

Richard M Smith beat Matt Holmes 3-0

Plate event

Tudor Jenkins beat Liz Farrow
Paul Watson beat Bill Arliss
Luc Berthouze beat Nick Harris
Bill Arliss beat Liz Farrow
Tudor Jenkins beat Paul Watson
Luc Berthouze beat Paul Watson
Tudor Jenkins beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Liz Farrow
Luc Berthouze beat Bill Arliss
Nick Harris beat Tudor Jenkins
Paul Watson beat Liz Farrow


The Sussex Tumbler was won by Alan Clark, pictured left.



Alan Clark beat David Cook
Simon Tuke beat Jeff Rushby
Phil Dunk beat Chris O'Byrne
John M Taylor beat Chris Coull

Chris Coull beat David Cook
John M Taylor beat Chris O'Byrne
Alan Clark beat Jeff Rushby
Phil Dunk beat Simon Tuke

Alan Clark beat Chris Coull
Phil Dunk beat David Cook
Chris O'Byrne beat Simon Tuke
John M Taylor beat Jeff Rushby

David Cook beat Simon Tuke
Alan Clark beat Chris O'Byrne
Chris Coull beat Jeff Rushby
John M Taylor beat Phil Dunk

David Cook beat Chris O'Byrne
Phil Dunk beat Jeff Rushby
Chris Coull beat Simon Tuke
Alan Clark beat John M Taylor

Two tournaments for October - by Luc_Berthouze 03/10/2016 @ 09:11

Here are two one-day tournaments for you to enter:
GC level-play on Friday 21 October (managed by Roger Sutton). 
Entries to Roger direct (not through website)
AC ASD on Sunday 23 October (managed by Luc).
Entries to Luc direct or through website.

Enter with or without partner.
Payment (£8 for members, £10 otherwise) on the day.
Start of play: 09:30am.
Format: 5 rounds of 14-point games (handicap)
Whites not needed.

Winter Arrangements - by Clive_Hayton 03/10/2016 @ 08:51

Winter Working Party

The winter working party will commence on Tuesday 4 October meeting in the canteen at 9.30.

Under the guidance of Peter Pullin, the working party does essential maintenance and repair work to keep the club's premises and grounds in good shape and saves a small fortune on external contractors.

All members are very welcome to come along. The working party continues every Tuesday morning through the winter, but don't worry if you can only make the occasional session, we will be very glad to see you whenever you can come. No special skills are required, just a willingness to roll up your sleeves and pitch in!

Winter Play Arrangements

Starting from week commencing 3 October, GC club afternoons will be on Mondays and Thursdays. AC on Wednesday mornings. No play on Tuesday mornings.

Information on lawn availability will be posted on the web-site.


Hamilton Cup Result - by John_Low 12/09/2016 @ 07:18

The SCCC Open Golf Hamilton Cup was won by Paul Gunn.

Playing off 2 he beat Colin Britt (0) in the final.

Full results:

1     David Bell     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-4
2     Ian Shore     Leslie Heard     7-6
3     Roger Goldring     Paul Gunn     7-5
4     Michael O'Brian     Elizabeth Farrow     7-3
5     Peter Balchin     Nicholas Cheyne     7-5
6     Richard Brooks     Colin Britt     7-4
7     Bill Arliss     Keith Webb     7-4
8     Robin Wootton     Ray Mounfield     7-5
9     Nicholas Cheyne     Ray Mounfield     7-5
10     Peter Balchin     Richard Brooks     7-5
11     Colin Britt     Bill Arliss     7-5
12     Robin Wootton     Keith Webb     7-4
13     David Bell     Michael O'Brian     7-2
14     Ian Shore     Roger Goldring     7-3
15     Elizabeth Farrow     Paul Gunn     7-3
16     Leslie Heard     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
17     David Bell     Ian Shore     5-5
18     Elizabeth Farrow     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
19     Michael O'Brian     Roger Goldring     7-6
20     Leslie Heard     Paul Gunn     7-3
21     Nicholas Cheyne     Colin Britt     7-5
22     Peter Balchin     Robin Wootton     7-6
23     Bill Arliss     Ray Mounfield     7-6
24     Richard Brooks     Keith Webb     7-6
25     Nicholas Cheyne     Keith Webb     7-4
26     Colin Britt     Robin Wootton     7-3
27     Bill Arliss     Peter Balchin     7-6
28     Richard Brooks     Ray Mounfield     7-4
29     Paul Gunn     David Bell     7-6
30     Elizabeth Farrow     Ian Shore     7-5
31     Stephen Custance-Baker     Roger Goldring     7-1
32     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-5
33     David Bell     Leslie Heard     7-4
34     Elizabeth Farrow     Roger Goldring     7-4
35     Ian Shore     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-5
36     Paul Gunn     Michael O'Brian     7-5
37     Nicholas Cheyne     Richard Brooks     7-4
38     Bill Arliss     Robin Wootton     7-5
39     Colin Britt     Peter Balchin     7-4
40     Ray Mounfield     Keith Webb     7-6
41     Robin Wootton     Nicholas Cheyne     7-6
42     Richard Brooks     Bill Arliss     7-6
43     Ray Mounfield     Peter Balchin     7-4
44     Colin Britt     Keith Webb     7-6
45     Elizabeth Farrow     David Bell     7-5
46     Leslie Heard     Roger Goldring     7-4
47     Stephen Custance-Baker     Michael O'Brian     7-3
48     Paul Gunn     Ian Shore     7-3
49     Roger Goldring     David Bell     7-4
50     Paul Gunn     Stephen Custance-Baker     7-4
51     Leslie Heard     Elizabeth Farrow     7-4
52     Michael O'Brian     Ian Shore     7-6
53     Nicholas Cheyne     Bill Arliss     7-3
54     Peter Balchin     Keith Webb     7-2
55     Richard Brooks     Robin Wootton     7-2
56     Ray Mounfield     Colin Britt     7-3
57     Colin Britt     Elizabeth Farrow     7-4
58     Elizabeth Farrow     Colin Britt     7-3
59     Colin Britt     Elizabeth Farrow     7-2
60     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-4
61     Michael O'Brian     Leslie Heard     7-4
62     Bill Arliss     Richard Brooks     7-4
63     Richard Brooks     Bill Arliss     7-3
64     Bill Arliss     Richard Brooks     6-5
65     Nicholas Cheyne     Paul Gunn     7-3
66     Paul Gunn     Nicholas Cheyne     7-5
67     Paul Gunn     Nicholas Cheyne     6-4
68     Elizabeth Farrow     Leslie Heard     7-5
69     Nicholas Cheyne     Richard Brooks     7-3
70     Colin Britt     Michael O'Brian     7-2
71     Colin Britt     Michael O'Brian     7-4
72     Paul Gunn     Bill Arliss     7-3
73     Paul Gunn     Bill Arliss     7-3
74     Richard Brooks     Leslie Heard     7-3
75     Nicholas Cheyne     Elizabeth Farrow     7-3
76     Paul Gunn     Colin Britt     7-4
77     Paul Gunn     Colin Britt     7-5

End of Season Dinner - by John_Low 31/08/2016 @ 14:07


SCCC End of Season Dinner

Saturday 8th October 6.30pm for 7pm


Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Terrine (a)


Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup (b)


Beef Carbonnade (c)


Moroccan Baked Stuffed Aubergines (v)

Potato & Parsnip Mash

Apple infused Red Cabbage

Petit Pois & Buttered Carrots


A selection of Home made desserts


To book email or sign up on the club noticeboard, indicating your choice of Starter and main course.

Mussell Shells! - by Clive_Hayton 13/08/2016 @ 20:47

There must be a very good crop of mussels this year as the seagulls are bringing lots of them on to our lawns. If you do pick up any, please will you put them in the bins in the huts or the clubhouse. Moving the shells to the side of the lawns might cause the shells to be broken up by the rotary mower and unfortunately the broken pieces might find their way back on to the lawns and this can damage the cylinder mowers.



Website problem - by John_Low 08/08/2016 @ 09:59

A malicious user caused some issues on the website yesterday. Actions have been taken to prevent re-occurence.


Annual Tournament - by John_Low 03/08/2016 @ 14:50

Sussex County Annual Tournament

Blustery conditions at Southwick  for the start of the Annual Tournament together with grey skies but the sun came out Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to make for reasonable playing conditions
This year saw three 1sts for this tournament:
For the first time it was held on weekdays alone rather than at weekends. Older long-standing players will remember of course when this tournament ran for six days (managed for many years by Paul MacDonald) but that format gave way - as it did at many clubs - to separate events on different days before reducing to a weekend class event.
Weekday timetabling seems to have been successful because (2nd 1st!) this year we had 22 entries and were able to run 3 class events for advanced play and so to award the three trophies: Abbey Challenge Cup (A class), Scott Cup (B class) and Daldy Cup (C class).

The third 1st this year was the decision to trial running a golf croquet event at the same time as the association competitions. This was advertised around the South East Croquet Federation clubs as a trial and attracted 10 entrants. The intention, subject to final agreement by the Committee is to continue this event next year and a trophy with an interesting and longstanding connection with the Club - the Jellicorse Cup - has been allocated. Like the Abbey Challenge and the Daldy Cups, this is one of the earliest trophies belonging to the club and all have some well-known names on them.

The full results of all the events can be found below.

Golf Croquet - the Jellicorse Cup

To provide sufficient play for the weekend this competition was run as an initial single American block. The same participants were then seeded into an 8 player knockout, with those being knocked out having consolation games as required. The top 4 players from the block stage were Roger Sutton, Jonathan Isaacs, Keith Webb and Richard Brooks in that order. The knockout stage and overall winner was Richard Brooks who beat Keith Webb in the final 7-6. Congratulations to him.


Association Croquet

Abbey Challenge Cup

Six competitors contested this event which was played as an American Block. Some high-class play, particularly from Luc and Cliff. Both suffered setbacks though: Luc was beaten in one round by David Boyd (h/c 2 to Luc's -1) and Cliff went down to Chris Roberts after persistent trouble with hoop 2 and a white ball (eventually checked and found to be oversize!).

The final round was effectively the final, between Luc and Cliff, with Luc emerging the winner. Congratulations to him.


Scott Cup

Eight players contested this trophy arranged in two preliminary blocks with cross-over sem-finals and finals. Daphne Gaitley and Brian Havill were placed first in their respective blocks and also emerged in the knockout stage as the finalists. Trailing through much of the game, Daphne fought back with an excellent break but eventually succumbed to Brian's higher hit-in rate. Congratuations to Brian Havill who won all his 5 games in the weekend.


Daldy Cup

Eight players contested this trophy arranged in two preliminary blocks with cross-over sem-finals and finals. David Gaitley and Clive Hayton were placed first in their respective blocks and they too contested the final. Both players had played some excellent croquet throught the competition and their meet in the final was worth watching; although Clive was ahead for much of the game, it was a match that could have gone either way until a tactical error by David in pegging out one of Clive's balls quickly handed the latter the victory. I believe this is Clive's first open tournament win so special congratulations to him.



GC Jellicorse Cup



Consolation games:
Maggie Webb beat Linda Gavigan 7-2
Tony Jolly beat Des Taylor 7-5
David King beat Jonathan Isaacs 7-5

AC Abbey Challenge


AC Scott Cup


AC Daldy Cup


Play-offs for both:


Additional consolation play-off games in Scott and Daldy cups:
Neil Coote beat Chris Coote +17
Caroline Denny beat John M Taylor +14
Caroline Denny beat Liz Farrow +23
Neil Coote beat John M Taylor +5

Phil Dunk beat Frances Colman +15
Arthur Lindley beat John Gosney +11
Chris Rolph beat Ray Hall +1
Phil Dunk beat John Gosney +4
Arthur Lindley beat Frances Colman +1


Ladies Day 2016 Results - by John_Low 07/07/2016 @ 22:27

Here are the results of this year's Ladies Day competition:


New section in website - by John_Low 07/07/2016 @ 22:21

There is a new page on the website for advertising the sale by club members of croquet related items. You can find the page under Club Info - Membership.

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