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Matches - by Liz_Farrow 19/04/2017 @ 08:02

The lists for match play are up in the club and will soon be on the website. A gentle reminder that the first named of the pair is responsible for contacting the opponent to arrange play. Please stick to the date allocations!!

Some of you have put down to play in leagues, but many more of you may like to have a go!

I attach the list of team captains, so that you can contact them if you would like to know more about a league , or offer to play in it .

Leagues are run by the South east Federation (SECF) and CA inter club by the CA.

 I am more than happy to explain any league to you. Alternatively look at the SECF or CA websites.

It is a great way of meeting other club players.

April AC Advanced Weekend Tournament - by Chris_Constable 14/04/2017 @ 18:46

Sussex County Weekend Advanced Tournament 8th/9th April 2017

Knockout and Hands Egyptian consolation event


James Hopgood beat Philip Windred +26tp

Luc Berthouze beat Mary Knapp +21

Robert Alexander beat Tudor Jenkins +25

Jeff Dawson beat Peter Thompson +26

Phil Cordingly beat Phil Dunk +14

Nigel Polhill beat Daphne Gaitley +15

Neil Coote beat Liz Farrow +8

Mark Avery beat John Wells +26tp

Annabel McDiarmid beat Roger Tedsone+20

Philip Eardley beat David Cook +11

Mark Fawcett beat David Gaitley +24

Jeffrey Rushby beat Dave Gunn +1t

James Hopgood beat Luc Berthouze +17qp

Phil Cordingly beat Nigel Polhill +26

Philip Eardley beat Annabel McDiarmid +14

Mark Avery beat Neil Coote +26tp

Jeff Dawson beat Robert Alexander +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Jeffrey Rushby +26

Mark Avery beat Phil Cordingly +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Philip Eardley +25

Semi Finals best of 3

Mark Avery beat James Hopgood +26tp, +26p

Jeff Dawson beat Mark Fawcett +18tp,-17,+25tp


Mark Avery beat Jeff Dawson +17tp, +26tp

(Mark Avery had a 100% record of tps over the weekend)

Consolation Hands Egyptian

Philip Windred beat John Wells +13

Jeff Dawson beat James Hopgood +25tp

Peter Thompson beat David Gaitley +14

Tudor Jenkins beat Mary Knapp +2

Roger Tedstone beat Phil Dunk +12

Liz Farrow beat David Cook +6

Philip Windred beat Daphne Gaitley +4

Dave Gunn beat John Wells +1t

Jeff Dawson beat Neil Coote +18

Robert Alexander beat Jeffrey Rushby +11

Luc Berthouze beat Peter Thompson +15

Nigel Polhill beat David Gaitley +19tp

James Hopgood beat Annabel McDiarmid +26tp

Mary Knapp beat Phil Dunk +22

Tudor Jenkins beat Liz Farrow +3

Roger Tedstone beat David Cook +11

Phil Cordingley beat Philip Windred +15

Annabel McDiarmid beat Dave Gunn +16

Luc Berthouze beat Nigel Polhill +3

Philip Eardley beat John Wells +9

Philip Windred beat Mary Knapp +7

Liz Farrow beat Roger Tedstone +14

Phil Dunk beat David Cook +2t

Tudor Jenkins beat Nigel Polhill +1t

Annabel McDiarmid beat Luc Berthouze+26tp

Dave Gunn beat Daphne Gaitley +7t

Neil Coote beat Peter Thompson +8

David Gaitley beat Jeffrey Rushby +6t

Robert Alexander beat Phil Cordingley +17

Luc Berthouze beat Philip Eardley +11

Annabel McDiarmid beat John Wells +26

James Hopgood beat Robert Alexander +17tp

Mark Fawcett beat Annabel McDiarmid +13

Phil Dunk beat John Wells +16

Philip Windred beat Peter Thompson +14

Mary Knapp beat Neil Coote +2

Roger Tedstone beat Dave Gunn +14

Nigel Polhill beat Jeffrey Rushby +17

David Cook beat Tudor Jenkins +11

Robert Alexander beat Liz Farrow +17

James Hopgood beat Philip Eardley +23TP

Phil Cordingley beat Luc Berthouze +9

James Hopgood beat Dave Gunn +26tp

Winner of consolation event Philip Windred

No handicap changes notified

Chris Constable, Manager.

Charity One-Ball Event - by Jonathan_Isaacs 04/04/2017 @ 20:40

The one ball heat of the Charity One Ball competition was held at SCCC on Sunday 2nd April. The competition was played on an all plays all format (American Block). The event raised £152 in aid of Parkinson’s Disease and was won by Robin Wootten. 

Under the rules of the competition we can enter 1 person for every £50 donated towards the charity. This year we were eligible for three places which go to the highest 3 placed players that are available for the final at Surbiton on Sunday 7th May. 

Robin Wootton, Luc Berthouze and Rosemary Faulkner will therefore be representing us at Surbiton.


Name A B C D E F G H I Points Hoops run Position
A Luc Berthouze 11 D 7 9 W 4 13 W 9 W 13 W 11 W 5.5 77 2
B Daphne Gaitley 11 D 11 13 W 13W 6 10 13 W 13 W 4.5 90 5
C Liz Farrow 13 W 13 W 13 W 4 10 13 W 12 11 4 90 6
D David Gaitley 6 9 11 13 W 7 7 8 10 D 1.5 71 9
E Phil Dunk 13 W 9 13 W 11 13 W 10 13 W 13 W 5 95 3
F Janet Hoptroff 5 10 W 12 W 13 W 9 10 13 W 13 W 5 85 4
G Robin Wootton 7 13 W 11 13 W 13 W 13 W 8 W 13 W 6 91 1
H Rosemary Faulkner 8 8 13 W 13W 9 10 7 11 W 3 79 7
I Anne Smith 9 5 13 W 10 D 9 11 8 9 1.5 74 8

Open Day - by Liz_Farrow 25/03/2017 @ 19:40



Grand Opening of the new lawns

Saturday 1st April

Please come to our new season opening day and support the official opening of our new lawns

Timetable of events:

10.30am Coffee, Tea & Biscuits

11am Grand opening of the new lawns

by Quiller Barrett, President of the CA

11.15am The President’s team v The Chairman’sTeam

All members wishing to play can elect to play GC, AC or one ball.

Players will be split between the President’s and the Chairman’s team

1pm Light lunch of homemade soup and a Ploughmans buffet

2pm Play continues

4pm Tea and Cakes

Please let us know if you want lunch on arrival. If you can’t come for the whole day – don’t worry, just pop in and join in the fun for as long as you wish.

Club AGM 2017 - by Liz_Farrow 05/02/2017 @ 09:44



SUNDAY 5 TH MARCH 2017 at 3pm




  1. Apologies

  1. Minutes of the AGM held on 12th March 2016

  1. Matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report

  1. Treasurer's Report and Presentation of Annual Accounts

  1. Appointment of Auditor

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Election of Officers and Management Committee

  1. Club Plans for 2017 – 2018

  1. Engraving of Trophies

  1. Any Other Business.


Tea and Biscuits will be served after the meeting

Curry Lunch - by Liz_Farrow 02/01/2017 @ 18:48

The SCCC Great Curry Lunch

Sunday 5th February 2017 12 noon for 12.30pm


Mild Chicken Curry

Medium Lentil Curry

Mild mixed Vegetable Curry

Mild Punjabi Mushroom Curry

(Contains dairy products)


The above curries are served with:

Plain Basmati Rice, Papadums, Mango Chutney & Fresh side Dishes


Assorted Ice Creams & Fruit

All dishes are gluten free


To book please sign up on the noticeboard or contact Fran Box by email or phone.

Xmas Lunch - by John_Low 04/12/2016 @ 19:48

Huge thanks to Chrissy and her team for such an excellent Xmas lunch.

A few photos here.

Winter Use of Lawns - by Clive_Hayton 14/11/2016 @ 09:24

Dear all

I set out below guidance on use of lawns over the winter, including priorities for lawn use and other aspects of winter play:

Perhaps more than in previous years, lawns will be in short supply this winter. We normally keep lawns 10 and 11 in use throughout the winter and rotate usage of the other lawns with lawns 1, 2 and 3 normally rested, as they are the lowest lying and shaded by the trees on the railway embankment and so never really dry out in the middle of winter. With lawns 7, 8, 10 and 11 out of action until May because of this year’s  renovation, there will be only 4 lawns available for most of the winter.

There are three designated club sessions a week – Monday and Thursday afternoon GC and Wednesday morning AC, where priority is given to GC or AC respectively and given the shortage of lawns, this will have to be applied strictly this winter.

Tournaments and pre-arranged Academy coaching also have priority.

Other club-approved sessions take place during the week at pre-arranged times. During these sessions and at all other times lawns should be shared by club members and consideration given to any member wishing to play / practice outside any session going on at the time.

Other winter aspects

Use of secondaries
Secondary balls should be used during the winter in preference to primaries to even out wear and tear on the sets of balls. This will also help members to become familiar with using the secondaries.

Jump shots
As the ground is softer, jumping is not permitted.

Starting corner for GC
Please will all players remember to start GC social games over a yard away from the usual starting corner (corner IV as AC players know it) to avoid wear and tear in the corner.

Thank you for your consideration.
Clive Hayton
Sussex County Croquet Club

Finals Weekend - by Clive_Hayton 05/10/2016 @ 09:13

SCCC Finals Weekend

Saturday 1st October

10 am




Winner and score



Richard Brooks v Luc Berthouze

Luc Berthouze


Daldy Cup

Chris Coull v Clive Grimley

Clive Grimley


GC Handicap Doubles

Les & Christine Ardley v Sandra Towner & Des Taylor

Les & Christine Ardley


Luc Berthouze (left) with the Quaiche. Dominic Nunns (right) with the Moore Cup and Millenium Shield (photo Mike Kavanagh)





Winner and score


Millennium Shield

Luc Berthouze v Dominic Nunns

Dominic Nunns


AC New Challenge Cup

Chris Coull v John Gosney

Chris Coull


GC Handicap Singles Final

Linda Gavigan v Richard Nye

Richard Nye


GC Improvers Competition

Deborah Marcus v Richard Nye

Deborah Marcus


Deborah and David Marcus with cups (photo: Ray Hall)

Sunday 2nd October





Winner and score


Moore Cup

Dominic Nunns v Luc Berthouze

Dominic Nunns


D’Esterre Bowl

Clive Hayton v Clive Grimley

Clive Hayton


Shine Salvers

John Taylor & Ian Cobbold v David Marcus & Deborah Marcus

David & Deborah Marcus





Winner and score


Sussex Gold Cup

John Taylor v Deborah Marcus

John Taylor


President’s Cup

Chris Heath v Ian Cobbold

Ian Cobbold


Fryer Cup

David Marcus v David Gillett

David Marcus

To be played after Finals weekend:

Freddy Reynold one-ball

Diana Brothers drawn pairs

Already decided by block play:

Bush Cup – winner Fred Bell

Hazell Parker Salver– winner Robin Wootton

Franc Cup - winner Pam Gooders

To be decided

Rookie of the year

Most Improved AC player

Most improved GC player

If anyone has more photos from the Finals weekend, contact webmaster and he will put them on the website

A Golf Croquet Day - by Liz_Farrow 05/10/2016 @ 08:44


For players of all abilities

Winter season competition

Friday 21st October

10am Start

Level Play 13 point games.

Members £8 Non members £10

Whites not required

Manager Roger Sutton

Please e mail your entry to Roger Sutton

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