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The Golf Croquet 'B' Level Series & National Final - by John_Low 01/04/2013 @ 09:30

The Golf Croquet 'B' Level Series & National Final

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Roberts, a national B level GC competition is being organised this season for the first time.  The arrangements are along the linbes of the Ascot Cup in that there are participating tournaments in local clubs.

Sussex is a participating club and the GC B Level Tournament on 4-5 May is a qualifying event.  Places are available.

Players wanted - by John_Low 14/03/2013 @ 20:50

2 players wanted to make up numbers for the 10/10 Golf Croquet competition on 24th March.  Apply on-line or contact Luc directly.

GC level play competiton 10th March 2013 - by John_Low 13/03/2013 @ 21:19

Golf Croquet Level Play Competition 10th March 2013

The event was won by Tudor Jenkins.


  Mark Richard  Robin  Tudor  Stella Jonathan  Clive  Liz  Janet  Margaret  David  Keith  Luc  Jon  Wins Position
Mark Hamilton   L   L   W     W W     W L 4 4
Richard Brooks W     W   W L W     W   L   5 2
Robin Wootton           L L   W W W   W L 4 4
Tudor Jenkins W L     W W W W         W   6 1
Stella Russell       L   L W       W W L L 3 9
Jonathan Isaacs L L W L W           W L     3 9
Clive Hayton   W W L L     W   W   W     5 2
Liz Farrow   L   L     L   W W W W     4 4
Janet Hoptroff L   L         L   W W W   L 3 9
Margaret Pointing L   L       L L L   L     W 1 13
David Carter   L L   L L   L L W         1 13
Keith Webb         L W L L L       L W 2 12
Luc Berthouze L W L L W             W   W 4 4
Jon Palin W   W   W       W L   L L   4 4


Three additional One-day Tournaments - by John_Low 07/03/2013 @ 21:01

Sussex is running three one day tournaments in April, June and August.  For details check out the programme details here.

Alternate Strokes Doubles Tournament 24 February - by LucBerthouze 11/02/2013 @ 20:06

Due to a a couple of withdrawals, we have one space left for the Alternate Stroke Doubles Winter Tournament. Please consider entering!  

GC doubles rained off - by John_Low 10/02/2013 @ 23:08

Twenty players turned up today for the GC handicap doubles winter competition.


Richard had spent his time yesterday setting hoops but regretably the weather had other plans. We had to abandon play after just two rounds as the lawns were becoming water-logged.



Winter tournaments - by Luc_Berthouze 27/01/2013 @ 17:26

All tournament for the winter season are now full. Any further applications will be put on the reserve list.

Alternate Strokes Doubles Tournament - by John_Low 05/01/2013 @ 12:36

Please note the date has been moved to


13 - 14 July 2013

2013 tournament season - by John_Low 14/12/2012 @ 16:35

The Club's open tournament programme for the 2013 season is now available for entry on this website.

Enjoying the Christmas Dinner - by John_Low 08/12/2012 @ 18:37

The Christmas Dinner in a few pictures.



The source of all the delicious food we ate!

BarStaff.pngA quiet moment at the bar.


Sally running the draw.


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