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Club Tournament Trophies

Over the hundred and something years of its life, the Sussex County Croquet Club has had an impressive collection of trophies for their competition programme.  Many have long since been disposed of (or lost!).  The following is a fairly complete list of trophies and their history. Any information on winners has been taken from The History of Croquet, [Col.] D. M. C. Prichard, London: Cassell, 1981 (now out of print).

This is work in progress.  If anyone has details to add please contact the Webmaster.

Photos by John Low or Ray Hall

The Abbey Salvers

Defunct since 1983  Presented by Capt JR Abbey.

The Bryan Challenge Cup

Now the Moore Cup. Presented in 1904.

The Davies And Dives Prizes

Defunct since 1939. Silver Inkstand presented in 1927 by Miss Dives & Silver Bowl presented by Miss Davies.

The Douglas Jones Cup

Defunct since 2004

Presented in 1956 by Lady Douglas-Jones in memory of her husband. In 2008 was briefly used as a trophy (runner-up) in the Moore Cup competition.

The Fox Cup

Defunct since 1938. Presented by Mrs WA Fox

The Hansard Challenge Trophy

Defunct since 1939

The King Challenge Cup

Defunct since 2000

The Longden Cup

Defunct since 1983, Presented in 1920 by Miss Maud Longden

The Martletts Shield

Defunct since 2000

The Naylor Cup

Defunct since 1975, Very short-lived cup, presented in 1973 by Mrs WA Naylor

The Ron Whetstone Cup

Defunct since 1999

Presented in 1976 by Ron Whetstone.In 1984 an additional cup, a replica of the original cup, was bought for doubles.

The Ross Cup

Defunct since 1947. Presented in 1935 by Mrs Ross' daughter, curiously the Club has retained the stand but not, it seems, the cup!

The Simeon Challenge Cup

Was Bryan Challenge Cup; now Moore Cup

The Southwick Cup

Defunct since 2000, Previously known as the Franc Cup, of which the Club has a second trophy by the same name.

The Sussex County Challenge Cup

Defunct since 1938, one of the oldest club cups, being first contested in 1900.

The Sussex Salver
Sussex Salver.png

Defunct since 2004

The Sussex Vase

Defunct from 2003 to 2016. Then awarded as the Challenge Cup for Golf Croquet in the May open tournament.

Presented by W Howard Austin in 1977.

The Teasdale Salver

Defunct since 1939, Another short-lived trophy it was presented in 1936 by Mrs RK Teasdale

The Williams Challenge Cup

Defunct since 1939.  Appears only to have been contested in 1939

The Abbey Challenge Cup

Open, AC class singles advanced play, Summer tournament, presented in 1927 by WH Abbey.

The Bush Cup

Club competition, presented in 1988 by Mrs Mary Bush

The Castell Soda Syphons

Open, AC alternate strokes doubles competition, donated in ?2008 by Paul Castell for this tournament.

In 2017, as the open ASD tournament was no longer running, the trophies were used for a local ASD day open event.

The D'Esterre Rose Bowl

Club competition, presented by Mrs CR D'Esterre in 1936

The D'Esterre Bowl, hallmarked London 1935 :Presented by Mrs C R D'Esterre 1936

Charles Robert D'Esterre was born in London about 1876 but initially known as Charles Roberts: he probably changed his name after an inheritance but this has not surfaced at present. He trained as an engineer and, in 1902, applied for two patents with Charles Rolls for engine improvements. However, his real interest was astronomy, particularly astronomical photography and he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1895. After his parents died he gave up engineering, and bought Tatsfield Cottage, Tatsfield, Surrey. He fitted up a major observatory about 1915 at which point he was on the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The War interrupted this work and he served with the Royal Army Service Corps, and later in Cologne with the army of occupation, but did not attain to high rank. When he returned to Surrey his sight had deteriorated and he dismantled the observatory and disposed of the equipment.

In 1905 he married Katherine Cecilia Doyle, in Wandsworth. She was born in Hertfordshire in 1879, the only daughter of Capt B W Doyle, sometime British consul in Brazil. Initially they lived in Tatsfield Cottage, but after Charles had given up astronomy they moved to the Brighton & Hove area and are recorded there by 1929. Perhaps both joined SCCC (more research needed) since there seems no other reason for donating a hallmarked trophy.

They did not appear in the 1939 census so may have been abroad at the time. Charles died in Devon in 1943 at Ottery St Mary after a short illness, at which point Katherine was noted as “of Montpelier Hotel, Budleigh Salterton”. Katherine died in Hove in 1967. It is notable that the trophy was competed throughout the 1939-46 period.

(Thanks to Ray and Irene Hall for research)

The Daldy Cup (Internal Competition)


Club competition. Originally presented in 1927 by Rev A F Whillan, it was won outright in 1936 by Miss M J Daldy and re-presented by her to the Club.

The Daldy Cup (Open Competition)

Open, AC C class singles advanced play, Summer tournament. Originally for the CA All England Handicap, won by Miss Daldy in 1935 and presented to the Club in 1976

The Franc Cup

Now a ladies club competition, presented in 1927 by Mrs H Franc.

The Freddy Reynold One Ball Cup

Club competition presented in 1995 by past Club Chairman Mr F Reynold QC

The Fryer Challenge Cup

Club competition, presented in 1937 by Mrs Jar Fryer

The Golf Croquet Cup

Club competition, presented in 1996 by Mrs Enid Ross

The Golf Croquet Diana Brothers Drawn Pairs Cup

Club competition

The Golf Croquet Doubles

Club competition

The Golf Croquet Improvers Trophy

Club competition

The Hamilton Memorial Trophy

For Sussex Open Golf Croquet Championship, presented in 2009 by Mark Hamilton in memory of his mother.

The Harvey's Trophy

Defunct since 2004, Presented by Harvey's and donated to the Club by Fernando de Anserena

The Hazel Parker Salver

Club competition, presented in 1988 by Miss Hazel Parker

The High Bisque Salver

Open, AC beginners competition, presented by Miss Patricia Shine

The Howard Austin Cups

Open, AC handicap doubles, presented by W Howard Austin

The Jellicorse Challenge Cup

Defunct from 2002 to 2016. Presented in 1926 by Major H Jellicorse. Now awarded for the Golf Croquet level play Summer Tournament.

The John Solomon Cup

Open, AC advanced A class

The Maurice Reckitt Bowl

Open, AC advanced B class, presented by MB Reckitt in 1934

The Millenium Shield

Club competition

The Monteith Challenge Bowl

Open, AC handicap, presented in 1931 by Mr & Mrs GC Braithwaite

The Moore Cup

Club competition

Previously This was the Bryan Challenge Cup (1904) and, as was the custom at the time, was won outright in 1927 by Mis EDB Simeon who then re-presented it as the Simeon  Challenge Cup. It was again won outright in 1975 by W E Moore and re-presented by him to the Club.

The Moore Cup Runner Up

Now defunct, was for most of its life the Douglas Jones Cup.

The New Challenge Cup

Club competition, presented in 1987 by Mrs Hyacinth Coombs

The Patricia Shine Salvers

Club competition

The Quaich

Club competition

Presented to the Club in 2001 by Bill Arliss for golf croquet singles competition.

The Southwick Open Salver

Purchased in 1982, partly with funds raised by selling Mrs Dives' inkstand (see above)

The Sussex Gold Challenge Cup

Club competition, presented by ER Harrison in 1922. The Club's most valuable trophy

The W.G.B. Scott Memorial Cup

Open, AC advanced B/C class, presented in 1975 by Isobel Scott

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