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Check tournament entries

Check tournament entries

If it is a CA advertised open tournament you must look on the CA website, not here.

Here you can check entries made to competitions run at Southwick and open to SECF clubs. These are the more informal one day competitions the club runs for its own and other local croquet players

If you want to check the status of your entry or see who's entered, click here.  It will show:

  • entry sent (on-line entry only) - you have requested a place but the Tournament Secretary has not yet acted on your request.
  • full - at the time of your entry all expected places are taken. Further contact from the Tournament Manager direct if a place becomes available.
  • accepted - your entry has been received and acknowledged. Further contact will be from the Tournament Manager direct.
  • withdrawn - you have cancelled your request for a place.

If you wish to withdraw from a tournament please email

Competition entry data will be sent to the competition manager one week before the competition date and will not be available on this site after that.

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