Victor Ludorum Rules

Victor Ludorum Rules

  1. 3 points for a win, one point if you lose; in a game where it is best of three games you score 3 points for the match if you win, one point if you lose.

  2. In a block if someone withdraws, points from matches played with that player will count.

  3. In a block if you withdraw having played, none of the points you have gained will count.

  1. In a Block un-played games count zero points for both players

  2. In a knockout all rounds count towards the V.L.

  3. If a walk over is given in a knockout the player given the W/O can claim 3 points; the giver of the W/O has zero points.

  4. In doubles both players get points for winning and playing.

  5. In a Knockout where a player gets a bye in the first round, he scores 1 point for that round.

  6. You gain 1 bonus point for reaching a semi-final and 2 bonus points for reaching the final; this only counts if there are 6 or more entries in the competition.

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