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Sussex County Croquet Club

Competitions Information

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The Entry Form for both Association and Golf competitions can be downloaded here.

This year finals will be held in the week commencing 24th September so please bear this in mind if you enter for any of the Internal Competitions.
Your Entry Form, with the total entry fee, must be received by Roger Sutton by 29 March 2019.
It may be posted to the club, handed personally to Roger or left in the Competition Entry Box’ on the notice board at the Club. No entries will be accepted after this date. The draw for each competition will be displayed by 12 April.

Full details of each competition will be posted on the relevant notice boards alongside the draws. If in doubt, ask either myself or another experienced competition player for advice. A brief summary of all the competitions is here.

Knock-out format
We have had problems in past years with knock-out competitions falling behind schedule because of non-observance of play-by dates. The basic rule is that the upper named player in each round (the ‘challenger’) is responsible for taking the initiative in arranging the match by offering a choice of dates and reasonable notice. Please be aware of play-by-dates and arrange matches in good time. The Competitions Secretary has stated he will not be as lenient as sometimes has been the case in the past.

Block format
Each block will be assigned a play-by date for completion of all matches in that block. Any matches remaining unplayed will be scored 0 for both sides. Please do not leave matches to the last few days.
If a player (or pair) withdraws from a competition having already played one or more matches, all the scores for those matches, for both sides, will be discounted. However, the results will count towards the new Victor Ludorum
(see below).

This will be played on a single day, (11th June) with format according to entry.

Victor Ludorum
There is a separate cup for AC and GC. Rules for these competitions are as follows: -
1. 3 points for a win one point if you lose; in a game where it is best of three games you score 3 points for the match if you win one point if you lose.
2. In a block if someone withdraws, points from matches played with that player will count.
3. In a block if you withdraw having played, none of the points you have gained will count.
4 In a Block un-played games count nil points for both players
5 In a knockout all rounds count towards the V.L.
6 If a walk-over is given in a knockout the player given the W/O can claim 3 points the giver of
the W/O has nil point.
7 In doubles both players get points for winning and playing.
8 In a Knockout where a player gets a bye in the first round, he scores 1 point for that round.
9 You gain 1 bonus point for reaching a semi-final and 2 bonus points for reaching the final. this only counts if there are 6 or more entrants in the competition.

In past years there has been a problem with players withdrawing from block competitions when they are
out of the running, having lost a couple of matches.
This can be unfair to those left in the block. It is important, if you enter a competition, that you fulfil your
commitment and play all your games. Withdrawal from one competition without good reason will mean
withdrawal from all other competitions. For this AC and GC will be treated separately. The competition
secretary’s decision will be final.

Roger Sutton
Competition Secretary

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