Club Rules




Pursuant to approval granted by the Sussex County Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (“the Joint Club”) under its Rule 2, the Croquet Section of the Joint Club shall henceforth be known as the Sussex County Croquet Club (“the Club”) and shall be organised as an autonomous club for the playing of croquet.


There shall be four categories of membership:-

  1. Full membership for playing members

  2. Social Membership for those wishing to use the Club mainly for social and recreational purposes including playing up to six times in the summer season

  3. Student membership for those in full-time education up to the age of twenty six years.

  4. Lifestyle membership for those wishing to be associated with the club, but not play croquet


  1. The officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

  2. The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the three officers and six additional members

  3. All nine Committee members will serve for one year, after which they will be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting

  4. Nominations for Committee membership shall be notified to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting and displayed in the Club Pavilion.


  1. The Committee shall have the power to determine and regulate its own procedure.

  2. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members to serve for such period of time as it considers expedient.

  3. The Committee shall appoint:-

  1. Vice Chairman

  2. Membership Secretary

  3. Tournament Secretary

  4. Two delegates to serve on the Management Committee of the Joint Club

  1. The Committee shall have the power, in the event of the retirement or resignation or incapacity of any officer of the Club, to appoint a person to serve in an acting capacity until the next Annual General Meeting

  2. The Committee shall set up Bye-Laws to assist in the day-to-day operation of the Club and review them annually

  3. A quorum for the Committee shall consist of at least five members, to include either the Chairman or Vice Chairman


The Committee may nominate (by at least a two thirds majority of Members voting at a Committee Meeting) someone suitably distinguished to become President or Vice-President of the Club, these offices being ceremonial. This proposal shall be voted on at the next General Meeting. These honours are intended to be for life, unless that person resigns or is removed by a Motion adopted at a General Meeting.


  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a Saturday no later than the third Saturday in March, on a date to be decided by the Committee. The Treasurer shall present the Annual Statement of Accounts at this Meeting

  2. The presence of thirty members shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of any General Meeting.

  3. The Committee shall have the power to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club should it decide that it would be in the interests of the Club. Further, the Committee shall be under a duty to convene such a Meeting if requested to do so by not less than twenty full members.

  4. At least twenty-one days’ notice of all General Meetings shall be sent to each member

  5. Voting at General Meetings shall be by a show of hands, except in the case of a contested election for the Committee. In the latter case voting shall be by secret ballot.

  6. Social, Lifestyle and Student members shall have the right to attend General Meetings but shall not be eligible to vote on resolutions nor participate in elections.

  7. The Chairman or, in his absence, the Vice-Chairman, shall preside at all General Meetings.


  1. The annual subscriptions for each category of membership shall be decided by the Committee, whereupon they shall become payable on 1st January for the forthcoming year.

  2. The level of subscription applicable to new members who join during the playing season shall be within the discretion of the Committee

  3. Entry to Club competitions will be available only to fully paid-up members and students.


An applicant for full membership of the Club shall be proposed by one full member and seconded by another. An applicant for Student or Social membership shall be proposed by one full member. Acceptance will be subject to approval by the Committee.


By resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting, a person may be elected an Honorary Life Member in recognition of outstanding services to the Club. Such members shall enjoy all the rights of a full member.


  1. Complaints about conduct of members which is alleged to be detrimental to the interests of the club shall be made to the Chairman or in his absence to another designated member of the Committee. If the matter appears to be minor, the Chairman shall attempt to deal with the matter informally, and if the complaint is upheld he may issue a warning to the member involved.

  1. If the matter is more serious, or if a member warned by the Chairman contests the matter, the Chairman shall refer the matter to the Committee for a hearing. This shall normally be held within 14 days of the receipt of the complaint. The Committee shall not discuss the complaint before the hearing. The member may attend the hearing, accompanied by a friend, to present his case, or may present a written defence.

  1. If the complaint is upheld, the Committee may issue a warning, suspend the member for a period of not more than one month or until any unpaid amounts of money owing to the club have been paid, or expel the member. If damage to Club property has occurred, the member may be required to pay for repairs in addition to any other penalty. Expulsion shall require a two thirds majority of those Committee members present and voting.

  1. A suspended or expelled member may not enter the Club’s premises or grounds except to attend a hearing. For serious matters, the Chairman may suspend the member immediately pending a hearing.

  1. Appeals against suspension or expulsion may be made to a Panel of three members, appointed by the Committee from a list of about 6-8 members revised annually by the Committee. The Panel’s decision shall be final.


Any resolution to amend these Rules shall require a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a General Meeting.

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