Monthly calendar of events and lawns

Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar of events and lawns availability is available here and there is a direct link in the website sidebar.

The feature was initiated by Francis Ainley and now maintained by a number of the club officers. They can be contacted with information or corrections on or on his private email address.

The Club Secretary advises that Members please note the following points:

1.The on-line calendar is now the definitive calendar, i.e. it has precedence over any paper notices that may exist.
2. It is members' responsibility to check the calendar as needed, as updates will be made as and when required
3. Members must inform us of any changes needed to the calendar and to please provide information in the form published, i.e. date, time, event, any special comments and estimate of lawns required.This refers to lawns required for  Academy, League and Interclub matches for SECF, CA and Friendlies as well as Club Social events and Corporates. Information can be communicated as indicated above.

There is a separate lawn booking system which can be found here.

Regular activities

Summer regular schedule

Mondays    1.30pm – 4pm    GC club afternoon  all levels
Tuesdays    1.30pm – 4pm    GC hcp 2 and under
Wednesdays    9.30am – 1pm    AC Club morning
Wednesdays  1:00pm - 4:00pm  GC hcp 3-6
Thursdays    1.30pm – 4pm    GC club afternoon all levels

Winter regular schedule

Mondays    1.30pm     GC all levels
Tuesdays    1.30pm  GC hcp 2 and under
Wednesdays     am     AC All levels
Wednesdays  1:00pm - 4:00pm  GC hcp 3-6
Thursday    1.30pm  GC all levels

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